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Full Service Diamond House

I. Starck Co., Inc., located in Chicago, is a full service diamond house, providing the wholesale and retail diamond community with world-class service for 60 years.  With our vast assortment of loose goods (0.20 ct. – 10.50 ct. +),  finely made brilliants, princesses, and our specialty, the Radiant Cut Diamond, the I. Starck Co., Inc. is always available to you for any diamond demand you have (we also carry cushion, emerald, asscher, oval, pear, marquise, trillion, and matched pairs). 

We supply layouts and special orders: Such as pendants (3-Stone Ladder pendant, necklaces of various designs), rings (solitaire, 3-Stone rings, eternity bands, etc.), and bracelets (single, double, and triple row bracelets).  All of the aforementioned is offered in yellow/white gold or platinum, and mounted with all diamond cut types/shapes.  Layouts will be customized/designed to meet the specific demands of the customer.

I. Starck Co. guarantees our customers that they will get what they ask for (they often get more).  We never bill a customer that is not entirely satisfied; we continue to work one-on-one with the customer until we meet all demands/expectations to the last detail.  We always attend to our customers so that they are 100% satisfied!

Our customers are well informed that all stones are specifically cut to meet I. Starck Co.’s strict diamond cutting standards, consisting of the proper proportions and excellent overall make.

I. Starck Co., Inc. has cutting facilities available to polish according to the specific demands of our customers.  However, as previously stated, ALL of our goods must meet our very strict standards of polished make and excellent proportions.  We have hundreds of customers that require not just specific table/depth ratios etc., but that the stone itself meet one criterion, that the polished/finished make be “excellent.”   This standard of excellence that the I. Starck Co. requires of itself has been emphasized, and delivered to our customers for 60 years.

“Stress the make!!!” – Israel Starck (Founder & President of the I. Starck Co., Inc.)

At its birth, the Radiant Cut Diamond was very slow to take off; the brilliantly skilled, Master Diamond Cutter Henry Grossbard (z”l) knew how to cut the significant and extraordinary Radiant Cut, but was not familiar with the art of marketing a stone, to generate demand.  When most risk-averse investors failed to recognizing the revolutionary engineering and awesome potential for the Radiant Cut Diamond, the I. Starck Co., Inc. succeeded to envisage the Radiant Cut Diamond’s award winning future.

I. Starck Co., Inc. was instrumental in naming and introducing to the U.S. and international diamond consumers market, a new diamond cut.  In use since 1976, the name Radiant Cut Diamond has been universally accepted, and has gained full recognition to date as a most coveted member of the diverse diamond cut family.  The Radiant Cut Diamond was, in fact, so radically new and different, combining the classic elegance of the traditional emerald shape with the fiery brilliance of the round brilliant cut.

Following an explosion in popularity for the Radiant Cut Diamond that the I. Starck Co. helped create, diamond cutters around the world began producing stones, some of them near imitations, based on a foundation identical to that of the Radiant Cut Diamond, such as: Princess cut, Starburst cut, Tycoon cut, Tiffany’s Lucida cut, etc. 
I. Starck Co. Inc. shaped not just the Radiant Cut consumer market, because when considering the demand and interest these “imitations” generate, one can argue that the I. Starck Co. Inc. has revolutionized the diamond consumer market worldwide!

Since 1976, the I. Starck Co., Inc. has maintained its position in the global diamond market as the leading purveyor of the Radiant Cut Diamond, and we will persist as the leading purveyor for many years to come!

Training & Education: The I. Starck Co. has over 150 years of combined sales experience, and we take great pride in passing our vast knowledge and experience on to all of our loyal customers.  I. Starck Co. has staff with GIA certification. We are thoroughly prepared to assist our customers in any way necessary.  We offer appraisals and education on all diamond cuts, concerning the make/quality to value correlation, and what defines a diamond as an excellent make, etc. 

Long-term/standing solid relationships - Extended Memo & Discount Payment Programs: All long-term customers in good standing are offered significant discounts at front of sale (i.e. long-term customers or customers with excellent credit = 30% off Rap, new customers = 25% off Rap) and discounts at end of sale (i.e. terms, 2%-10 Net 30).  We also offer fine customers extended memo options and payment terms – 30/60/90.

Immediate insured shipping – Messenger: We ship fully insured, FREE of charge next day A.M. / P.M., 2-3 days, whichever to meet the needs of customers.  We have in-house Messenger Services for instant delivery within surrounding area of office locations.

Insurance Replacement Services: The I. Starck Co., Inc. is an Official Insurance Authorized Supplier and welcomes ALL major insurance companies, such as State Farm Insurance.

Custom mounting/jewelry design production: We are a full service diamond house!  We happily accommodate customers not only with diamonds of all shapes/cuts, but with jewelry design consulting services, and mounting production services as well (free of charge). 
The imaginative and knowledgeable staff at I. Starck Co., Inc. is sensitive to the artistic intricacies involved in fashioning jewelry in all categories, starting from the diamond of choice and wax-mold, and ending with the final polished product. 
The I. Starck Co., Inc. excels in this craft because: a) we ask the appropriate questions to thoroughly understand the end consumer through demographic research, b) we acknowledge that it is impossible to care for our customer, if we fail to care for our customer’s customer.

I. Starck Co., Inc.
60 Years of Excellence!


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